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St. Jacob Illinois IL Greentree AV 欧美 日产 国产 首页欧美 日产 国产 首页,茄子视频下下载安装pz茄子视频下下载安装pz
Serving Individual, Business, and 
Institutional media conversion needs.

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Video Tapes
Hi-8, 8mm
AKAI 1/4"
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EIAJ Video Reel
miniDV Tape
EIAJ Cartridge
Shibaden Reel
CV, Skip Field
EV, Sony 1" Reel
CVC Technicolor
Umatic 3/4-inch
Vcord I, II
VHS Video Tape

Audio Tapes
Audio Cassette
Audio Reels欧美 日产 国产 首页欧美 日产 国产 首页,茄子视频下下载安装pz茄子视频下下载安装pz
Gray Audograph
Record Transfer
Wet Audio Tapes

Film and Slides
8mm, Super 8
9.5mm Film
16mm Film

Digital Media
USB Camera
Wet Tapes
Wet Movie Film

Transfer Vcord and Vcord-II Video Cassette to Video Files, Download, or DVD

Sanyo Vcord-I Video Cassette VT-20C
Vcord VTC-20C, V Cord I,
video tape cassette to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive, web files.  

Vcord-I, V-cord-1, VCORD-I cassette: $110 per tape. 

Each DVD $10. Most flash drive/ USB thumbdive $10.

Don't know what is on your tapes?    
Approx 1 minute Preview emailed: $30 each, $15 credit towards full transfer. 

1974, Sanyo released the first Vcord format; it is a Composit Black & White format using two video heads in a skip field format.  The VT-20C video cassette tapes use 1/2-inch wide tape at a speed of 5.82ips in the VTC7100 machine.  Sanyo video cassette tape VT-20C (tan color housing) has large diameter twin reels with standard thickness ½-inch wide video tape and are 20 minutes when used in the VTC-7100 machine.  

Sanyo Vcord format is Extinct.

Typical machines were Sanyo VTC-7100 (15lb, portable).

Sanyo VcordII V-cord II video cassette V-60, V-120 
SANYO Vcord-II video cassette V-60, V-120.
Vcord II, V-cord-2 cassette formats: $110 per tape. 

1976, Sanyo released new VcordII format which is not compatible with the earlier Vcord-I format. Vcord-II records in Composit Black & White and Color, it uses tapes V-60 and V-120 video cassettes (black color).  The recorder was the first have two recording speeds, freeze frame, and slow motion.  The Sanyo V-CORD-II video cassette has small twin reels with thin ½-inch wide video tape. Sanyo Vcord II V-60 cassettes hold 60 minutes and V-120 hold 120 minutes at LP tape speed and half as much at the standard STD tape speed.  The thin tape used in Sanyo V-Cord II (black case) tapes may have serious damage if used in Vcord machine VTC-7100.

The Sanyo Vcord format is Extinct.  V-Cord II STD recording uses two heads to record both fields of an interlaced video frame with helical scan technique; LP mode uses one field of each interlaced video frame thus allowing twice as much video on the tape at lesser quality and played back with each field being read twice on playback in the "skip field" technique. Vcord II format has a tape speed of 2.91 ips in STD mode and 1.45 ips in LP mode.

Typical machines are Sanyo VTC-7300, VTC-8000, VTC-8200
and Toshiba in Canada KV-4000, KV-4100, and KV-4200.

SANYO VT-20C (White case) V-cord I, 60 minutes.
SANYO V-60 (Black case) V-cord II, 60 minutes.
SANYO V-120 (Black case) V-cord II, 120 minutes. 

Package arrived.  I was very happy with the Vcord-2 transfers to DVD.  Thank you so much.  Marla, St. Joseph, Illinois IL  61873.

Got everything [Vcord-II tapes to DVDs]! Thanks for all. Great job! It is fun to look at all the old stuff. Sincerely, Ann, CA, California 91010.

I received the hard drive [with Vcord II files] and everything was as expected. Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure working with you, Robert P.

Thank you so much for the DVDs, we feel very blessed, and for the extra effort on these old [Vcord I] tapes, Lori


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, pad very well, use tracking and save the number.  
5. We confirm arrival, email findings after recorded, and bill through PayPal.  
accepts credit cards - you do not need to be a member. 
    Prepay and checks accepted; make checks payable to "GreentreeAV".

6. Most orders: Postal Priority mail $9.50.  Heavy or International: actual cost.

7. Order shipped after payment.  Normal completion 3 weeks.


Transfer Sanyo Vcord VTC-20C, V Cord I, video tape cassette to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive, web files.